Objects absorbing owner's personal qualities
This project is a playful look at present-day society's relationship with everyday objects and speculations on the role of personal things.

The project is focused on the investigation of objects that would be able to cause stronger personal attachment with the owner by remembering the mutual history of living together. Objects collecting personal data over a long period of time and continuously self-developing should become a three-dimensional dairy of the owner.
Recording Lamp records the owner's rhythm of life by remembering the time and period of its usage. Each time a person switches on the lamp, the light bulb, corresponding to the time period, starts to warm up, creating the round mark on the thermosensitive screen. By the size of it you can see how long the lamp was switched on and the place of the spot shows at what period of the day it was in use.
Shelf remembers the valuable objects that it contains. Over time the inner walls of the shelf starts to reveal the silhouette of the object. The paint for ceramic walls of the shelf was developed based on alternative photo process called Anthotype. It uses pigments made from plants which are sensitive to UV light. As soon as walls of the shelf exposed to sunlight, process of color fading starts. To protect the shelf from overexposure the front door is made out of colored glass which does not transfer the UV light.

We would like to thank Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler for participating and supporting this project.