Glimpse of Time
Time representing collection
The notion of time is one of the phenomena of our observable world. It is still not clear whether time is a physical parameter, or is it an abstract concept to describe physical phenomena or properties of our consciousness.

The project aims to recall the sensation of the notion of time by combining human understanding and its physical nature. The collection consists of four pieces designed to engage the user to experience physical and philosophical concepts of time on an experimental level.
Quantum physics claims, that wave function collapse is an instant process transforming the state of a particle from unknown, to known while observing. As well as time existence is unknown to observers, but becames real only through the act of observation.

The object is a recall optical device. A bright flash of light inside the device renders time on the eye retina of the user at random moments. The image will appear for a few moments in the form of spots in the field of view and then disappear. Object demonstrates the transfer of time from potential to the real state while observing, since as long as the user sees a spot in front of him, inside the object it already disappeared.
We would like to thank Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler for participating and supporting this project.