Fading to noise
Time representing collection
The notion of time is one of the phenomena of our observable world. It is still not clear whether time is a physical parameter, or is it an abstract concept to describe physical phenomena or properties of our consciousness.

The project aims to recall the sensation of the notion of time by combining human understanding and its physical nature. The collection consists of four pieces designed to engage the user to experience physical and philosophical concepts of time on an experimental level.
Psychology defines a certain duration perceived as present, the specious present, varying from a few seconds to probably not more than a minute, and this duration is the original intuition of time.

The object looks like a radio with an earphone and a control knob. The device transmits the time signal, but it always runs away, fading to noise. The time signal can only be heard completely if the user follows the signal by turning the knob of the device. Interacting with the object allows us to consciously experience a spacious present.

We would like to thank Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler for participating and supporting this project.